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Product design and analysis are crucial aspects of engineering that involve the creation, development, and evaluation of products.

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The objective of the Master Certificate program in Product Design and Analysis is to impart engineers with a thorough understanding of the product design process and the methods involved in examining a product's features and functionality to ensure that it meets all requirements.The certification courses offered under the Master Certificate program train students in using CAD tools at the stages of conceptualization of a new product, and evaluating the design to ensure that it meets criteria such as functionality, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Scope of Course

The Master Certificate program trains students in tapping the capabilities of popular CAD tools based on the complexity of the design, the level of simulation required, and so on, thus maximizing their efficiency and effectiveness when using the CAD tools. The key areas of training offered in the certificate programs are:

  • 2D drawings and plans; 3D modeling and visualization
  • Advanced surface modeling
  • Design and analyses of parts and assemblies
  • Advanced simulation capabilities

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Career Prospects / Job Roles

The field of product design and analysis offers a range of exciting career prospects for professionals with strong technical skills and a passion for innovation. Product designers and analysts who have completed a Master level certificate program are in high demand in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and more. Their roles typically require a strong background in engineering, with adequate training in CAD software. Some of the popular jobs in product design and analysis include:

  • Design Engineer
  • Draftsman
  • CAD Designer
  • Design Engineer - New Product Development
  • Process Design Engineer
  • Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

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Ideal For

These Product Design and Analysis courses are most suitable for:

  • Students / professionals in engineering or related fields
  • Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial design engineers
  • Professionals interested to be product designers and analysts

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon successful completion of a CADD Centre - Expert Certificate in Product Design and Analysis Course, participants often receive a certification. This certification can be valuable for individuals seeking employment in industries where CAD skills are essential.

We provide high-quality training at rates lower than the market fees for CADD Centre - Expert Certificate in Product Design and Analysis Course.

A bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as computer science, statistics, mathematics, engineering, business, or a related discipline is often preferred for CADD Centre - Expert Certificate in Product Design and Analysis Course.

Yes, we offer placement assistance services for the CADD Centre - Expert Certificate in Product Design and Analysis course via the

We provide CADD Tools for the CADD Centre - Expert Certificate in Product Design and Analysis course with no additional cost.

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